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You may have chosen to give birth unassisted or even have a midwife and they may be telling you something you don't trust and need an alternative view. If you are in labor and have concerns or need some support, this allows you to call me via phone or video call after you hired me as your support person. 

This time covers up to 3 hours. I am on call for you at any time of the day/night to answer any questions you may have. Should be purchased prior to labor so we can verify your due date timing and therefore I can be on call for you for a full month. Cell # will be given out at time of consult purchase or this listing. (this does not need to be continuous 3 hours, can be broken up in labor if needed or even postpartum. It is up to you.) Anytime you need further will be billed at $100 an hour. 


When ordering this, please add your due/guesstimate date. If you need to speak with me, email me at

This service does not make me your midwife. I am just a support system for you and your team. 

There are no refunds on this UNLESS I am unable to contact you at your time of need out of circumstances further then nature. In this case, I will refund for the time not utilized. 


Disclaimer: when booking this service, you agree; Heather Baker is a guide and tool to find your way in educating yourself about the subjects discussed with one another, such as self-care and birthing at home. Heather is not a substitute for medical care and is not responsible for any health needs that may require medical attention and is not liable for any negative consequences to any person reading and following the
information discussed. You are ultimately responsible for all your own health decisions and outcomes. 

Virtual Support

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