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Supporting Homebirthing Families

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Heather Baker

Freebirth Advocate, Educator and Author

I'm Heather Baker, a Traditional Midwife who has been attending births since 1996. Mother to 5 children who were all born at home, 4 of which were completely unassisted. I am a supporter, teacher, educator and healer. I attend all types of births including twins and breeches. I choose to remain traditional/uncertified because there should be no governing factor in women's rights over the way they birth, with whom and when. I choose to practice how our elders and ancestors did, use herbs for healing as well as our intuition, free of conditioning by societal constraints.

I wrote: Home Birth on Your Own Terms, A How to Guide for Birthing Unassisted, which is the #1 book on freebirthing since 2019. It has been translated to Spanish (Parto En Casa) and French as well.

I also wrote the series~ Our Births, Our Stories ~ Volume 1-5. 

As an experienced elder Midwife in the US as well as Internationally, I offer support in pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum support or in-person care if you hire me to travel to you.

In Illinois and Wisconsin, I only work as a doula/birthkeeper and educator.

I am also known as a Birth Keeper ~the term “birthkeeper” refers to a woman who not only supports a mother during pregnancy, the birth and the time after but even more importantly, I encourage women to know their rights, empower themselves with knowledge to ensure that as women, we are claiming our responsibility, welcoming babies as gently and powerfully into the world as possible through freebirthing.

My goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and labor process whether you plan to give birth unassisted or with a Midwife. If you would like a consult or to book me for services that I offer, please go to the Book Online page on the top left of this page. 

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My Services

Virtual care or Traveling Midwife

No matter your location, services can be obtained via travel to you or virtual services through phone or video support.

Mother and Baby
Expectant Couple
Hand on Bump
Mother and Baby

Traveling Care

Homebirth/ Freebirth support in your city

From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and delivery, I take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your individual needs. I’m always available to contact by phone/email throughout.


Support and Guidance

Get support during your pregnancy, birth education and prenatal care. I can also teach you how to do your own prenatal care if you are utilizing virtual services. In person care is based on your needs and wants.


Phone or Video Support

Support in person for birth or virtual services to give guidance in positions, pain relief and explain how the birth process and postpartum will go.


Support and Guidance

If you need postpartum care or guidance/lactation support, I can either see you and baby in person to offer assistance or virtually to answer any questions you may have.

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"You can tell that Heather is very passionate about her work..."

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"Thanks to Heather for being an amazing midwife, birth attendant, advocate for helping women across the world achieve the births they always hoped and prayed for!!"


No refunds on orders. Message if you have minor questions. Or book a consult.
I answer messages within 72 hours. 

US and International

MX 322 168 2258

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